Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too much hatin'

Need to fix that.
But it's really so much easier to be negative.
Although I was really disappointed with certain events this morning, I was really determined to not let it ruin my day (although I admit it made me cry)
I went for a walk and had a random chat and found horses on campus.
Usually that would get me right back up to par. Today it took a little extra.
But I did it. I feel ok now. And yah, I was really disappointed and things didn't go like I wanted them to, but I suppose the lesson is that my determination to look on the bright side can overpower the universe's determination to screw me over.

So it's all good. Tea and the hopes of a good weekend coming up and the reassurance of a favourite book and texts from friends make it ok.

Now off to change my fb status, which hates the phone company, and my MSN status, which hates res...

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