Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun is a vector quantity!

My fun is currently progressing at a constant acceleration of 2 laughs per (day)squared. Meaning every day I laugh twice more often than the day before. At about 19 degrees west of north.
My roomie and I had this side conversation in physics. Apologies to anyone who views all that as nerdy nonsense, but it made us laugh.
Today in chem I was juss sitting and waiting for class to start, and the room was filling up gradually, and this blonde fellow with verr blue eyes and an eyebrow ring sat down beside me and asked me if I had been in the last class. I sai yes and he asked what we had discussed and I showed him my notes and stuff. As the class progressed he said he was completely lost, so I spent most of the time chatting with him and explaining stuff. He had switched majors from real estate (that's a major?) to science and was just getting behind because he didn't have the science background that made the class easy. So yah, we chatted and it was nice because I now have a chemistry buddy! And I met a nice person!
ALSO today, in my bio lab: my roomie and I are always partners, but we work in groups of four. We sat down accross from this girl named Elina in who is in th same Bible study thing as me, and then there was a random guy named Chris there to complete our four. And the bio lab was excessively fun! I had an awesome time. We just talked about beans mating and alliteration and allegories and analogies and we all just kept digressing away from what we needed to do. We finished last out of everyone cuz we couldn't focus. But it was awesome! Thanks to someone for arranging a freak combination of people to laugh and joke around. I felt like I was back with the stairwell crowd.
I needed that, cuz midterms have been getting me down.
Hopefully the acceleration is constant.

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