Monday, July 21, 2008

Wet Underpants and new similies

So I went out to the barn around noon and took my time getting Jemma ready. I've been doing lately. Taking my time to spend with her instead of just getting there, riding, and leaving. I'm gonna miss her when I leave for school. I pretty much ooze all of my excess emotional stuff onto her so that the reast of the world doesn't get explosiona from me.
Anyway, at like 1230, when I was ready to go, it started to rain. And by rain I mean I could almost swim through the air, it was that thick. So I hung out at the barn a bit more, gave Jemma some hay, scratched her ears and whatnot. At about 1 it slowed down so it was just kinda drippy. So we went out and into the forest. And the trees were all drippy so I got wet because Jem kept running under them :P.
So we took the road home and the sun came out and we were both more or less dry by the time we were about 100 m away from the barn. By the time we were in the barn we were soaking because it started to pour again. I was faintly annoyed, but thought it was funny also.

So I went to Timmy's. I got an iced cap and a doughnut and sat in the sunshine reading a book and snacking until i was mostly dried off. It was irrationally pleasant.
And then I went to work with wet underwear and damp pants, which made for an uncomfortable evening.

But the evening made for considerable thought.
I was thinking about church and religion. Specifically music in church. And for a long time it's bothered me, because all the songs are just the same phrases put into different patterns. I crave something new. It's not like they can have run out of subject matter.He is new every morning. So why are all these songs the bloody same.
So I spent my time seeing if I could come up with better similies/metaphors to be used in a prospective worship song.
And it went pretty well, and made me happy, and if I ever have the initiatie I will go about writing that song and I will sell it to Hillsong for a couple grand and be able to eat at university.

Huzzah for simlies!

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