Sunday, July 20, 2008

My day has been whack.
I really enjoyed church this morning. I don't usually. It's usually just ok. But the talker said some interesting stuff. "We are immortal until our purpose is complete."
Isn't that a strange but interesting thing to think? I'm immortal until I've fulfilled my life. It's a little relieving, cuz that means I don't ever hafta have regrets, you know?
I believe I will adopt that philosophy. and when I die, don't worry, it was time.
It made me feel so much better after some crazy events in the morning. That and the rain drumming on the roof of the chapel.
I got in an argument with someone I don't know shortly thereafter
I got in an argument with my parents shortly thereafter
Does fighting make you feel absolutely horrible? I hate it. I mean, I won't back down from something I believe in, and I love a good debate or fist fight. But when people make you feel like crap when you're juss trying to splash your way through life without getting anyone wet, it's so frustrating.
I'm not trying to start anything, really. I'll stick happily to my puddles. I seriously feel like I was out puddle jumping and someone ran up beside me on purpose as I was happily hopping into one and got mad at me because they got wet. Just go away and we'll both be happy. I wish you all the happiness in the sunshine, but leave me alone in the puddles. Ergh.

Going out tonight to see Hancock I think. Should be glorious!