Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I decided I would get my blogging in early and go to bed in reasonable time tonight. Go me!
So this weekend was interesting. Went to Canada's Wonderland with a friend's youth group. It was less than awesome actually. Didn't really do all the stuff I wanted cuz of the way large groups work. I will delve into that a bit more later.
Sunday... what did I do sunday? Ooh yes! I went with a couple of buddies to visit a girlfriend at her place of work, and then went and played mind games at a buddy's house. Literally just played cool games for like hours.
Yesterday I was late for work. I slept in because I was out till like midnight playing silly mind games. But I went to see the Batman movie after, which inspired some thoughts.
First, I'm gonna say that as a movie on the whole, it was less than satisfactory. I'm not into the whole idea of heroes, and I have no appreciation for 1/2 hour long fight scenes, no matter how epic.
But there was one bit that stood out brilliantly in this messy movie. One genius. One character.
Of course I mean the Joker. I commend Heath Ledger's performance sincerely. He was a sensation. Mind you, it was a freezing cold, terrifying sensation, but one felt it incredibly. Well done! Mr. Ledger reinvented his image in this film; I like him less, but respect him more.
Unfortunately, my praise falls on dead ears. And I can't help but wonder: did the Joker have anything to do with his suicide? The Joker was probably the most honest portrayal of a delusional sociopath that I've ever encountered. Mr. Ledger was known for throwing himself entirely into roles, and the role of the Joker even caused Jack Nicholson issues. I just can't help but wonder and feel sorry that the world is short that much potential.

One the way home, my buddy the Criminal and I had a deepish talk about what we would do if we had one act without any consequences. I would tell my mother off. I would let her know that I am a person in my own right. So there.
The Criminal said he would kill someone. I doubt his sincerity. Sorry my friend, if you read this, but I do. I have more faith in you than that. I mean, everyone has the potential to kill a person, or to be evil. But Criminal is good, you know? He generally cares about people, and is a very nice guy (yes I said nice. and that is precisely the word I want. Look it up) in spite of the crazy (awesome) music and unorthodox appearance.

And I decided that if I knew the world would end tomorrow, I would bag off work and ride my horse. Sorry mom, no family time!

Today I went out for coffee with a friend. Terriffic times at Perk's. In spite of a crazy mother moment. She called the shop and asked for me.... wheird. I love hanging out and talking with people. There are only a few people I do that with regularly, but it's one of my favourite things to do. It's refreshing. More than iced tea, which, although it is not a juice, is bloody good!

I also watched WALL-E this weekend. SOOOOO CUTE!!! I loved it, and will buy it, I believe.

I want to avoid the emo fellow, but he attacks at most unexpected moments. I love you, buddy, but I'm attempting to be an optimist until I get over my fear of school. Cheer up.

And go to this link: http://www.ealasaid.com/misc/vsd/ . Funniest thing I've read in forever. Hehe, "nancing"!

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  1. You didnt have a fun time at wonderland, you cheese.

    I liked our talk though...