Friday, July 25, 2008

A strange conversation

But for one man, my day would have been poop.
I was stuck in a factory thinking about my suicidal friend for 8 hours on a beautiful day. I had a doctor's appointment (and I'm healthy, which is annoying to someone who hopes to die young).I didn't go to the barn.
But while at the Driftwood Center in Kitchener,waiting for the doctor, my mom and I went into this little Caribbean specialty store to look at stuff. The guy there was pretty big, with salt and pepper facial hair, and a weird scar on his right cheek, and an inability to make eye contact.
As soon as we entered the store he welcomed us like it was his home or something. A conversation was struck up, and it came up that I went to Africa. And he was so happy to heard it. So he talked about what he thought about North American consumerist culture.
He said that when he was in Guyana, his home country, he had never been rich. He and his family had enough to live and go to school and they had a car, but they weren't rich. But he said they were happy, and that the poorest people around them were happy with what they had.
And he and I talked about how ridiculous American culture is with its constant craving for more stuff. Third world cultures are often far more focused on relationships, because they can't afford to be attached to stuff. And we talked about how going to a third word country gives one a broader understanding of the world.
It was splendid, that experience. To meet someone so randomly that thinks about cultures the same way I do. And from how he talked, I kind of sensed he was a deep person, He wasn't fluent in English, and had a thick accent, but it felt like what he was saying came from a conviction and belief that the African and Latin cultures are superior to North American ones. He seemed genuinely perturbed that no matter how much stuff a soccer mom has, she will still be pissy.
And I was really glad to meet this fellow.
And I want to move to Rwanda or Jamaica.
And I want to know how my buddy from yesterday is doing.
And I want desperately to sleep.

I'm so glad I met that fellow. You have no idea. He's my person of the week.

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