Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Notes on Living

I decided today at work that I was too ridiculously tired to stay up till ludicrous hours of the night to blog after I'd done everything else. Generally if I do my thinking right now, it doesn't fit into the theoretical parameters for blog content.
So I did my thinking at work, and came up with and interesting start to what is potentially my best theory this week.
Here we go.
Numbers are pretty common things. They give things order, space, value, pattern, or clarity.
All numbers are either even or odd. Except imaginary or irrational numbers which I am not including as factors in this general statement.
Even numbers are very nice. Divisible by 2, neat, predictable, and seen everywhere in organic structures (ie: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 kidneys, and ruminants have 4 stomachs). Some ideas that surround even numbers are symmetry, mirrors, and most animals are symmetrical and breed in pairs. I thought today about the symbolic impact of even numbers. Noah's animals came 2 by 2. A day has 24 hours. The inherent symmetrical patterns of nature make me feel as though even numbers - the idea of balance - are organic. Everything animalian or botanic seeks a counterpart. And that is good and right and it's quite lovely to realize.

But if even numbers are good, then odd numbers are correct. The number three is so blunt and triangular. Have you ever seen a healthy animal with 3 legs? No. There is something about odd numbers which make them more like mathematical entities than organic patterns. True, we have 5 fingers on each hand. But the twon hands together make 10. I love how all modern humeracy and patterning and measuring is based on the number of fingers we have. It says to me that the very form of our bodies has influenced history. Stupendous eh? What if we had 9 fingers? or 11? Trippy...
Back on topic: Odd numbers are the basis of many mathematical and geometric patterns. Aren't triangles stupendous? Especially equilaterals! I don't know how to explain how brilliant triangles are to me, but ther it is; I love them. Isn't it amazing that 2 triangles fit together to make a star?

So it's something I'm going to be thinking about for the the next bit. The patterns that nature has created, and the effects it has on human thought and history.

I don't know why I feel so passionately about numercy tonight. My math teacher would be shocked after the amount of slacking i did in that class....

I am in the midst of being transported back to grade 10. A person I am aquainted with but that I don't much know has just told me they're a cutter/ anorexic. You know that feeling when a good mood drops out from underneath you like Drop Zone? yeah...

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  1. heh interesting rant about numbers kind of a depressing way to end your post though lol you jus made my mood drop a little