Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My System

I just thought about this today at the factory:
I judge people based on their hands.
Yah, I know I shouldn't judge people, but really, we all need to judge people: decide whether or not we like them, see if we want to recieve influence from them.
So, I judge people on their hands.
And it works pretty well. If I don't like a person's hands, I probably won't get along too well with them. I'm not sure whether this is a cause and effect scenario...
I have one friend whose hands gross me out so much that I need to mentally block myself from looking at them.
Anyway, that was my thought of the day. Is there something physical or otherwise that you judge people based on?

1 comment:

  1. okay.
    to be completely honest, i actually get this...with the hand thing too.
    i didn't realize it, but when you put it like you did... i do the same thing.
    sometimes, even with a really good friend...i'll suddenly realize their fingers creep me out and it completely affects my relationship with them. i never really thought that before but holy crap. and i mean, that, along with other stuff caused me to end a friendship. it was like..the hand thing started it, then i suddenly realized all these other things... wow...shallow much eh? lol..