Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Un jour

So the past two days have been nuts.
Yesterday, I went to work, biked to the barn, helped bale hay, came home, showered, slept.
I love baling hay usually, but it was about 45 degeers, humid, and dustly in the hay loft, and I had a headache, so it was minorly unpleasant.
Today, I went to work. And I was assigned to work with thie guy named Ken. As I have been saying to a lot of people, I want to sack him in every sense of the term. As in, kick him in the balls, stuff him in a bag and beat him with a stick, and fire him. He is under the impression that if I were to touch anything other than the completely packaged bags of pet food, it would turn to ash and crumble away. Basicly he wouldn't let me touch a thing all day when I know how to operate everything. It was intensely provoking. Odds are 5:1 that I'm significantly smarter than him. Yes, I'm a girl, and yes, I'm a teenager, and yes, you've worked here 2 weeks longer than me, but I believe I have the ability to do my job satisfactorily. *screams, tears out hair*

On the upside, AAH is outside my house cutting the lawn. AAH is our newly composed acronym for Attractive Artistic Hunk, who used to be known as Awesome Hott Guy, but AHG is a crappy acronym. Amalie and I have a number of other interesting acronyms for guys in our aquaintance, which I will share.
ACM: awesome cool musician
NBS: naughty bi-stallion
There's the CCRB, but I can't remember what it stands for...something about cool and ripped.
Andyway, that is how I pass my time when I have too much.

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