Sunday, July 13, 2008

This weekend

I was dog sitting. Not too bad a job, but I really spent like 2 days watching television. there was seriously nothing else to do. I played with the dog and let it out for walks and stuff, but mostly it just sat around the house but i wasn't supposed to leave too much. And they had nmo good books. So yah, television. Too much, really. I was lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep and just images and characters kept shapeshifting through my mind. It was very psychadellic. Just like one minute Jim Carrey is sitting there and petting a cat in a house and then he morphs into a space shuttle and blasts through the top of the house and the cat gets angry and turns into that comedian guy that was on and starts singing spirituals and then turns into a gorilla in a jungle but the trees are really a studio audience. That wasn't necessarily what I remember, but it gives a picture of what it was like. I couldn't fall asleep for a loong time because of that. And the dog started just barking like crazy at like 1 am. And again at like 7. Bleh

So I wrote that bit on monday. And now it's tuesday and I feel different
I'm develloping rage issues.
I want to move out.
Less than 50 days, hooray.

On a lighter note, I saw someone today I thought I wouldn't ever see again. And it was... a strange sensation. Y'all prolly know of whom I mention. I was happy to see this person, really. But circumstances have changed so much from last time that now it seems like they're a new aquaintance.

Also, I really wish I was going to camp this year. It was one of those places and times that I always felt at home and comfortable. I could manage being around people 24/7 without blowing a circuit, which is what generally happens. Yah, if I am around people to much I just get tired and grumpy because I hafta be nice. I dunno, it's a real stretcher often to just be civil to people when all you want is to just lock your self in a dark room with your iPod and not hafta retain any sort of form that people generally like you to assume.

And I've come to a conclusion about relationships. Any guy I eventually prospectively end up with has to be entirely happy to let me have at least 2 hours to myself every day. I don't care how much I like hanging out with him, I need to have alone time. Not even to think, really, just so I don't hafta be nice to anyone.


I've reverted into the type of blogging that a certain friend of a friend is well known for.
"My middle-class life is a black abyss, and nobody looovees meeeee *Sigh*"
Well, I'm exaggerating.
But I apologize for the descent into puddle-of-mush mind workings.
One of those days.
But it was splendid out eh? I really wish I wasn't so physically tired everyday coming home from work. Today I stopped on my bike ride home and just laid on the grass and took a doze. I didn't fall asleep, but I felt very relaxed. Eventually i got creeped out by the bugs crawling onto me, so I got up.
But it was a verr nice day.

Cheers, all. "May your iPod's doom seed never sprout." - Modern Proverb

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