Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ahaha, raaain

I can feel the sound of the rain pouring into my mind and washing out all of it.
All the anger and resentment and frustration and grime of the past week is replaced by a soothing coolness.
A cool drumming; steady but random, constant but not consistent. And when I close my eyes, the tired burning slowly diminishes as my tears, like the rain, clean out the fatigue and negativity.
All that heat is gone and I'm cool. Cool and sloshy and pleasantly refreshed by the rain.

It's gone now and I rather miss it. I can feel the tension tingle into my shoulders. 

But I'm better than this. I can lean back and let my mind make its own rain. "Easy now. Hush, love, hush"

Just as an interesting note, this is my first post from my laptop! So exciting! Today I went shopping for university stuff with my roomie, and I added a whole bunch of my suite-mates to my facebook. Pretty kool, I say.

There's one guy named Richard  Palmateer. My roomie and I call him Richard William Palmateer the Third with a british accent. It's our version of fun. 

Alright, cheerio. "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain"

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