Saturday, July 26, 2008

Un Jour Fantastique.

It should be noted that I'm posting after midnight. So it was friday that was terriffic. Anyway. Do let me explain
Woke up late in the morning with the sunshine in my room. The only thing I would have improved would be to have someone making me bacon. NEvertheless, I took my shower, ate breakfast, and lazed aroud till about 12 when I went to the barn.
Jem and I had a great ride. The longest one we've had since a long time.
And then I went to work, which wasn't too bad in relation to some shifts.
And then my parents forgot about me, so I walked home. My mom apparently drove all over looking for me, but i had walked on the trail, so that was useless. I told her I was angry, but I wasn't really. It was a good walk to think by myself and talk and sing out loud and just be generally eccentric.
Anyhow, I were thinking today
DO I have a like a sign on my forehead that invites people with issues to spew on me?
Cuz it happens all the time. Like I said to a friend, some people meet me and they're seriously like "Hi, nice to meet you, becca. *spew life story and issues*."
Have you read the book fifth business? if not, do so. incredibly fun. There is a concept introduced there of a person not being the main character of their own life. DOes that make sense? They feel and other people feel that they just can't be the focus of their story.
I think I'm a bit like that. Not all, just a bit. But people sense it and are like, "Ooh, wait, this means I can be the main character in her life for a bit. Ahahahaha!" and then they spew and rather screw with my emotions and thus are more the center of my life than I am.
It's kinda annoying, but I don't think I'll ever stop just caring about people. Seriously, I will meet a person once, they will tell me they're clinically depressed, and I'll be upset for a week even though I don't even know them. Heart on sleeve case. I resent that. Oh well.

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