Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I went with the guys to donate blood today. We got to the clinic, waited around, I got my finger pricked, which still stings, and filled out a whole bunch of paper work, and then a nurse told me I couldn't donate blood until this coming November. Apparently my trip to Rwanda puts me at risk for malaria, and they can't take my blood until a year after the trip. I don't see how I could have malaria....I didn't take my medication while I was there, and I didn't get bug bites or even traveller's diarrhea. I'm altogether too healthy.
Anyhow, my day as a whole has been very good. Two amazing days in one week is, I must admit, unusual. I feel very... loved about the whole thing. A cosmic hug?
I had a job interview at Elmira Pet Products today, and I think I got the job. The guy said he would let me know an exact start date and then I can give my 2 weeks notice at Timmy's.
Then I hung out with Colgate and Spacer at Colgate's house, ate supper, whatnot, etc. At 7 we went to the clinic and we were there for an hour and a bit. Porky was there and we all joined up for a Timmy's run and watching most of "V for Vendetta" at Colgate's. Then I came home.
(Side note about names: I feel like if I use their real names, it will ruin my shroud of mystery. Partially joking, but I like it better all the same.)
It sounds like a pretty mediocre day, but getting out with the guys has always been a great stress reliever for me. Just to be able to relax and laugh and joke around. We don't talk about deep stuff when we all hang out in a group, and it's not like we do much of anything interesting. Really, just being able to act like a fool and still be loved is all one needs for a group of friends.
I was supposed to write a speech in french about my pet peeves. I'm going to tell my teacher that I prefer to have the blood sucked from my veins than to do my homework.
This blog is less theoretical than some others have been. I learned while playing Wii today that theory really doesn't matter so much. Reality is really the opposite of theory, and I currently have an obsession with reality.
Reality, validation, and religion have all been very much on my mind lately. I will get to the last one sometime soon, but it's hard for me to collate my thoughts on the matter, because although I don't think it is of itself important, it is closely linked to someone who is. Bah. Goodnight.

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