Friday, March 14, 2008


So I started a blog. On a whim. One gets these urges on occasion. The toughest bit was choosing the template. I really like the "Moto" one, but my deep anti-pop culture sentiments would not allow that. So I decided "Tic-Tac" looked very much similar, with the green and all. I really loved Tic-Tacs before I discovered my inability to eat them and remain well.
The "c" key on this laptop is having issues, and I do not appreciate it.
What does one do with this blog? I don't think anyone will read this, so it doesn't much matter what I say.
There is a silly cricket in my chameleon (Larry)'s cage that is chirping. My mom told me today that their chirping is the same as when you plink the prongs of a comb. You know how on summer evening there's like a thousand crickets all ruckusing together, and they all culminate into an orchestra, with different tones and pitches popping out here and there? And it really is soothing, with that lovely bright, sharp sound in the smooth, musky evening. But this little cricket...all by himself. It's like hearing just the viola part of a string quartet. It makes no sense, just comb bristles pinging mindlessly away. I wish he had some friends to euphonate with.
I wish it were summer. I love smooth musky evenings, and riding in the passenger seat of the car hanging out of the window as far as I can until all the musk is gone and it's just smooth, cold, iced cap evening. Sweet.
I think that's all I have to say tonight, and I'm so gonna kill that cricket.

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