Monday, March 24, 2008

The morning, for once.

In an unusual turn of events, I am able to blog in the morning. My mom and sisters are shopping, and my dad is busy in his office, so I have free reign. It's been a decent weekend, having Friday off as well as today. Didn't get much chocolate, which is a disappointment as well as a relief. I really don't need the sugar, but it tastes so gooood...
It's a lovely morning out. Very sunny and completely still. There's snow frozen to the top side of all the sticks and branches of plants outside, and it looks nice. I want it to go away, and I want summer to be here. This summer I think is gonna be terriffic. I'm gonna be spending a lot of time riding, and getting ready for school in the fall. I love the summer. "Summertime, and the livin' is easy".
I don't have much on my mind to blog about today. It's because I haven't done anything yet. My brain doesn't get deep thoughts until about 9 pm generally. tonight I hafta work, so all my deep thoughts will be wasted as I empty garbages and make coffee. And when I get home I'm generally too tired. With any luck I will work with fun people. Actually, there is a new guy at work that did a nightshift with me on the weekend. At first I really didn't like him, cuz he had a strange sense of humour. But I got used to it, and then we had a substance war (attack with different kinds of substances, see who gets dirtier...he won with strawberry donut filling). It wasn't too bad.
So in light of the fact that I have nothing to do now except for homework, I'm going to make a list of all the things I'm pretty much addicted to, in no specific order
  1. Chocolate chip cookies
  2. Tea
  3. Fugly Horse of the Day blog
  4. MSN
  5. Blogging
  6. Shiny things
  7. Gallumphing
  8. Youtube
  9. Reading
  10. Solitaire (not on the computer)
  11. Procrastinating
  12. Chair tipping
  13. Plant Tycoon
  14. Scaring people
  15. Being right
  16. Good spelling and grammar habits
  17. Using song lyrics to prove a point
  18. Making my french teacher angry

I think that's mostly it. A nice healthy collection. Some of them I think are pretty common, like #'s 1, 4, and 10. I'm not sure about the rest. It's a mark of individuality: to know all the things that we inexplicably love. For instance, my mom is addicted to Text Twist, a silly internet game. My little sister is addicted to climbing trees, and is really miserable in the winter. And so forth. That was an interesting little exercise.

So I'm either going to do my homework, or I'm going to procrastinate and watch Youtube videos.

"Responsibility? Not quite yet..."

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  1. i'm a bit more of a roller coaster tycoon addict :)