Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Timmy's anger!

Every time I come home from work I either hafta complain to the person driving me home about how much my job sucks, or blast the music if I'm driving myself. And if the weather's nice enough I drive all the way home with both front windows all the way down. I've already done that once this year. The amount of stress I take on when I work is really unhealthy usually. But tonight was nice, cuz I had other stuff on my mind.
For one, homework. Second, Lord Byron the emo guy. He always says stuff like "My life sucks" or "I can't smile" and it makes me sad and angry cuz he's such a nice person. So I do what I can to make him smile. He'll grow out of this eventually, but while it lasts its poopy.
I hung out in the grade 9 strings class on spare today, as i am occassionally wont to do. My little friend showed up, so I had a decent time harassing him. He's an arrogant person, because he's insecure. He's really talented at music and acting, and I get the impression that he's got a rich family also. Little friend seems to have a compulsion to prove to everyone that he is better than them. I really want him to know that it's okay if you aren't the best at everything. If that is your validation, than you're going to be dissappointed, because sooner or later you will meet someone who is simply better. I feel it's important for a person to be secure in who they are, not because they can measure up well to those beside them, but because they know they are their own person, and no one else can be them. Everyone is worthwhile. I may not be the best viola player the world has ever seen, but no one else has ever named their viola "Crack" and shot people with it. I want Little Friend to find out those things about himself. The things that make him real, deep, and an individual, and not simply better than everyone.
So that's my thoughts on individuality.
And today's word was "quintessence" and brought about some jolly times.

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  1. word yo!
    i apologize with the delay in checkin' this out, and rest assured, i will be reading it quite often!
    And I must say, you absolutely have the blogging langauge down.
    in fact, you kinda inspired me to get back into my blogging..i was in a slump for awhile.
    YE LIFE.