Sunday, March 16, 2008


I got deep urges to blog on a number of things since the other day. Thoughts come into my brain and I have nowhere to put them really. My journal is reserved for deep stuff and songs and such, but I've got excess theories that I want to scribble down places. So I suppose this could be a useful storage spot for them. Until I write a book....heh.
Right now my kitchen seems like a very nice place. There is sunlight coming in from the west windows, and it makes psychadellic shadows on the fake plants. The little fake cardnial looks funny, because you can see how dusty it is and what a peculiar angle it's sitting on. It's a lovely day out, except the chilly wind. The feild outside my window is improbably flat and white.
I had a bit of a lazy day so far, because of sleeping off the nightshift. And school starts tomorrow, so I really am trying to enjoy my laziness. I'm glad we didn't do any big trip for this break because 1) I got more $ from working extra and 2) Less family stress. Even the one day trip we took to Niagara was tense.
The best part of this break was hanging out at the barn and playing Super Smash Bros Brawl at Biye's. I lost every game, but it was nice to hang out with the guys. School tomorrow will be fun, because I'll hear about everyone's trips to Jamaica/France/Costa Rica.
Larry ate that stupid cricket. It's a hard knock life eh? The ones that speak out get chomped.

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