Thursday, March 27, 2008

Iced Cappucinos

Love those things. I bought one today after work as a celebration for the beautiful day. It was very mild out, and sunny, and warm, and breezzeey. Warm enough to make you feel sleepy, but the wind was the kind to give you dreams. I went out for a ride with my horse Jemma today. She was feeling young again because of the warrm. It was beautiful to canter up the road, and feel Jemm warm and springy under me, and feel the wind push impatiently into my lungs. Not so much to take my breath away, but enough to breathe for me. And it smelled good in the forest. It smelled like wet and dripping and sunshine and swimming. Not swimming in an ocean or a pool, but in a lake or a river. A natural drippyness. I'm impatient now for spring; I can smell the deep, mysterious, living smell that comes when plants start coming up again.
Tomorrow promises to be another beautiful day. Not like today though. Chance of snow, and I doubt I'll be able to go to the barn. But I'm going out with my friends, and we're likely to have a good gallumph. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (copyright I don't know, but not me...)
I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm a little bit nervous, becuase I might not be built enough. I'm applying at a pet food mill, so I would need to lift heavy stuff. I'm ok with anything up to 45 kilos, but after that is a little sketchy, so I hope I'm fine. I just really want to get out of Timmy's. I've become so negative about people as a general race because of it. Example: a guy started cursing at us because the guy in front of him ordered a sandwich in the drive through. This slowed down the line, and he told us we shouldn't let people order sandwiches there. Of course, this is something entirely outside of our control, and it was frustrating, because he was very rude. Kinda of like the danish lady ;)...
Anyhow this new job would pay a lot. Even though I would be the only girl there probably, I would really like it. It's a change.
I've sporadicly keeping a journal since grade 8. It's weird look at the stuff I wrote then. And between then and now. Everything goes in cycles. Like the periodic table. It repeats, but every repetition is different. In grade 8 I was obsessed with boys (especially one...) and now I've become obsessed with love in a different sense. This is why the young understand the old, and the ones in the middle are clueless. Everything has its times, and life is fully of circles. Acutally, not so much circles as spirals. Someday I will post a bit from my journal from a couple years ago. It will be an interesting jaunt into the memory and conciousness and history of myself. Always good to keep an updated psycological profile of myself....

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