Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rainy Windy Weather

Anyone who has read this blog for more than like a week knows how much I love this.

Yesterday was like that. Just above freezing. Most smells were still frozen into the ground. The good ones anyway. The breezes on campus just smelled like cities and buildings and car exhaust. It was all very upsetting as I dragged myself from class to res to class, etc. But then I turned my head a certain way and caught the lightest smell of green.

I mean the green of dripping forests and the earliest spring flowers pushing up out of the damp earth and the grass poking through the dead leaves from last fall and all being very green. It made me so happy I could hardly stop from skipping back to res.

Today was colder and VERY windy. It sounded like the ocean was just above the trees, swooshing them around. I was reading by my window and the light was flickering in and out in the most interesting patterns and degrees. The clouds were tearing across the sky. It was terrific.

I really don't have much to tell at this point. Montreal on friday!!!!!
Res is miserable. My marks are plummeting.
I miss Jemma and life in Elmira.

But it's been beautiful rainy windy weather!

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