Sunday, March 22, 2009

I were thinking

I know, always a risky pass time, but there it is.

In church this morning, actually. I was thinking about how I think about God in a way that no one else seems to think about him. And I were listening to the guy talk about the stuff, and just certain things he said I thought for minute we might be talking about the same God, but mostly I seemed to be out on a limb by myself.

Excuse my sketchy grammar.

Anyhow, there must be some sort of method of know whether I'm right. Either I'm the only person in my contact who actually is talking to God, or I'm completely out to lunch with this whole thing. I think I would have gotten a hint or two from God if I were this much wrong. Maybe communication is the problem. As in, they mean to say how I think, but their religious blather gets in the way.

Anywhay. Just a thought. Also, I really do want to write a book. I have just too many ideas to get into one. Maybe it will be more a series of vaguely connected essays.

Au revoir.

I'm reading The Hunchback of Notre-Dame in french, which is slow and tiring, but healthy. Woot!

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