Saturday, March 28, 2009

I got my old job at the pet food plant back for the summer. It looks like starting June 14, I'll be working full time nights, which is pretty awesome, cuz then I can go to the barn in the afternoon and see people in the evening and party on the weekend!!!!! I need to ask them if they can hire me for the year following, cuz then I won't be job hunting in september.

I've been pathetic as far as stamina these past few days. I'm just thoroughly exhausted. I keep driving from Guelph to Elmira to KW, and I just want someone to pick a town for me and just STICK WITH IT! ERGH!!!!

I went and was social this evening, but I can hardly say it was all that fun. Watched the first Narnia movie with a bunch of people I don't really know in Guelph. They were gonna watch the Prince Caspian movie, but I called it a night cuz I'm sleepy, I had to drive back to elmira, and I hate that movie. I can tell I'm tried cuz I started giggling when Edmond was about to die in the movie....

Soooooo sleepy. Gonna get cleaned up and then go to beddy-bye land!

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  1. i think you are ridiculous for driving that much. :)