Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've mentioned Rudyard Kipling before, I know, and his talent for sad stories.
I shouldn't say sad so much as real life stories.
I re-read part of one today. It's called "The Light that Failed".
It's a sort of love story. I can't say anything right about it. Most romance novels are directed at girls, and they are supposed to fall in love with the lead male and superimpose their own personality over the blandness of the lead female (thus the rampant popularity of Twilight). This is a different method entirely. The characterization is so delicate, but so real. It could actually have happened. It made me cry, to say the least. The characters pass their lives in the quiet way that most of us do. It starts out in red and gold and fades to the most somber gray. Like most lives do.

I can barely recommend it, it's so good. Anyway.

I have little else to say. I've been wasting my life between facebook and class. Oh, and I'm pretty certain I'm morbidly obese. I blame res life. This summer I will have to take up running or something similar before I can go out in public again. Ugh.

*Edited to add*
I made a frikken FRIEND today! AHAHAHAH!!!! look who's antisocial NOW, suckas!!!!!
I really am that excited....

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