Monday, March 16, 2009


Suuper cool city.
I had a lot of fun. Discovered that my stomach doesn't particularly agree with straight up vodka or whiskey. I didn't throw up or anything, it just hurt. Still does. But here is my analysis of the situation...
Vodka: Tastes like nail polish remover. Effectively turned specific people into blithering idiots.
Whiskey: Tastes like furniture polish. But I would drink it again
Rum: I think I could get used to it, actually
Mango flavoured Malibu: Tasted like that red dimetapp cough syrup with a bit of a buckley's aftertaste. Worked well with orange juice though
Bacardi Breezers (Strawberry): tasted like strawberry-lime jones!!! yumm!!! but made me feel sick-ish.
Pina Colada: <3!!! Ahaha!

So that's that.

I was thinking this morning as I walked home from bio. And basically I concluded I have no right to be in a science program. Deep deep down, I don't give a crap about biology or biodiversity or chemical bonding or electrical potentials. In any way. I don't even much care for research or veterinary work. I care about thoughts and life and people and nature in the sense that they are the best form of art.

But what's gonna make me money in the end? %^$$%#'n money! ARG I HATE IT!!!
If anyone is gonna start a farm or a coffee shop, I will work happily for 10$/hour and the option to take a lot of time off to travel.....

I think too I'm very apathetic about my education right now because I'm very tired of the courses I'm in. My elective (Musicianship) sucks also. At least I'm getting sweet mark....

I hope to just enjoy the beautiful weather today. It's lovely out.

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