Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wagon Wheel

So this is about a song. Wagon Wheel by Against Me! I'm sure you all know it.
A friend gave me a cd with this song on it. I've heard the song before, actually. My oldest brother would sing it with his guitar a long time ago. It brings my mind back into my living room. I'm lying on the floor with my eyes half closed and it's cloudy outside and my mom is tlaking to someone in the kitchen. On the couch my brother is strumming abstractedly and looks out the window while his raspy voice tells this story.
It's a beautiful song. Musically, I mean. Simple, honest, and makes one feel both hope and the despair that makes one need hope. It's not many songs that do that. You feel the sadness coming up from somewhere deeper than the musician. It's like they found away to let the emotions of nature and the collective subconscious all funnel into the ground beneath their feet and then come pushing out into the song. I guess that's the key thing about the song. The emotion is coming from somewhere deeper than just a person. Like a forest playing the guitar. That's how it makes me feel, anyway.
The lyrics are awesome too. A guy just trying to be with the girl he loves. He's cold, he's tired. He's having a hard time. And he wants to be held by the girl he loves and that loves him. And usually I don't connect so much to love songs. But this one is about the basic human need for love kinda. We all have times when we are depressed and cold and exhausted and burnt out, and all we want is to curl up into a ball and be turned into a child again. Cradled into someone's lap while they rub your back and they know that talking isn't wanted. No worries, nice and warm, with no thoughts except how good it is to be loved.

Now onto my daily dose of Shank Koyczan. A strange type of poet, but splendid none the less. I'm gonna listen to one a day until I've gone through all the ones that my friend put on a cd for me. And then I might blog about my thoughts on them. Or I might just savour them for a while. Good blogs are like good alcohol: have been hanging around for a while getting better and better with age and turning.

And this is a blog note in general: if I start a point that seems interesting but then just totally lose it and bunny trail off into something else, it's cuz i'm always really tired when I blog.

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