Friday, August 29, 2008

Something tells me I'll never be close to another like you
Helped me through the tings that we all go through.
Cuz you make every song sound better,
Taught me how to write a letter.
I think everyone should get along like me and my first sterero

And you used to sing me to sleep
and always stood behind me
Everyone wants, everyone needs,
everyone hurts sometimes like me
It never rejects me, always accepts me
nothing can compete with my first stereo

My First Stereo - FM Static

I'm leaving a stage of life tonight. And I really wish there were certain people backing me up on this, but they don't approve. They have no idea how much it hurt to have them selfishly doubting me when what I wanted...needed... was reassurance. I wanted to be told that we're still gonna talk and laugh and hang out. I wanted to feel that they support my decisions like I supported theirs. I wanted someone to hold onto through the crazy, because I know there were a number of times where I've held on when a lot of people didn't. And of course, they couldn't do that for me.

Angsty maybe.... but I blame my tummy, my lack of sleep, and the nassty little horde of flies in my living room. Gosh, you little beasts, go procreate elsewhere!

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