Sunday, August 10, 2008


Busy day, all in all. I am verr tired.
Actually kinda started last night. I went over to a buddy's house and a bunch of us played Apples to Apples for 2 hours. Much Hilarity. And then I was up late chatting to a friend online. It was one of those conversations about nothing important which are great company and comfort when you're feeling a bit miffed, as I was.
Then my family was up early this morning, so I woke up early also. Hung about the house until 1030ish when I went to church. I've been enjoying church so much lately, it's odd. I don't much know how to explain it except that it makes me feel like there is someone trying to tell me something I need to hear. And I've been so tired lately with religious stuff. Just that when you have no one to talk to about it, and you're always on the defensive or supportive end, you just need someone to lean on. And I don't really have a person that I can talk to about religious/faith stuff. Well, I did, but she just went to Calgary without telling me and her mother thinks she's never coming back and she won't answer my fb message. So that's upsetting. But I've just like going to church and blending in with a crowd there. Surrounded by people I don't know I feel like I'm going for myself, for my own love and purpose and enjoyment, and not to put on an appearance like happens so much in churches. And it's nice.

Then I went to the barn, and almost started crying cuz I thought about how much I'm gonna miss my Jemmers when I move.

Then I went to visit camp. That's right, band camp. I can't be a camper anymore, and I don't have the funds to be a leader in training, but I went to say hi to all my friends there. Got my quota of hugs for the week, ate massive amounts of sugar, and had a jolly old time in general. There's some people there that I lov eseeing so much and I rarely see them except camp and related events, but I really wish they were a bigger part of my life. Every time I see them we have fun and enjoy each other so thoroughly. It's a shame to think that in all liklihood they will soon drop out of my life altogether. In fact, I'm verr upset about it just now. Especially for a few people. *sigh*...

On a more major chord, I get paid this week!! Now Becca, repeat to yourself: I will put all of this paycheck into savings....

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