Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ugh, my insides hurt. I've taken enough painkillers to kill the average cat, and have not received any benefit. Here's to a long night.

Actually today was pretty sweeet. My last day of work! And one really nice lady there took the time to wish me the best in life and to tell me that I was a nice person and a good worker. I don't think anyone made me feel that special and appreciated in a long time.

Anyway, so after work my friend who I haven't seen for a long time came to hang out, we ate soup and chatted, it was fun. Then Amalie joined us, we picked up Colgate, and went to the band camp concert.

Admittedly, they mostly sucked. But I love seeing the people there, and it was an excuse to vent crazy. And I got to see a couple people I haven't seen in years.

Years. Such a short time. But theoretically, a year is generally about an 80th of our life. I'm not living that long. So in my case, one 40th part. And I'm already done almost 17. So I only have 23/40 remaining. Let's say 7 of those go to university. That's 16/40 remaining. 2/5ths of my life will be left. Do I want to spend those last 2 precious 5ths working? Heck noah! Must contrive a plan!


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  2. to be perfectly honest...i stopped reading at the end when i saw all the fractions lol
    (i made a spelling mistake in the first comment)