Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Queen's Rebuke

I'm made of bones of the branches, the boughs, and the brow-beating light
Oh, my feet are the trunks and my head is the canopy high
And my fingers extend to the leaves and the eaves and the bright
Brightest shine, it's my shine

And he was a baby, abandoned entombed in a cradle of clay

And I was the soul that took pity and stole him away
And gave him the form of a fawn to inhabit by day
Brightest day, it's my day

And you have removed this temptation that's troubled my innocent child

To abduct and abuse and to render her rift and defiled
But the river is deep to the banks and the water is wild
But I will fly you to the far side 

-The Decemberists

I like this album (The Hazards of Love). It reminds me of Tommy by The Who in that it is a story, but each song can stand alone. The chick who sings in it is also magnificent. I feel like I just didn't give the album a chance at first because of the circumstances under which it was acquired.

I am twitchy beyond belief from the cup of coffee I drank. I need to do homework but I don't want to do homework.

I want to go to Scotland. Curse my finances. Screw the jorb market.  

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