Friday, December 17, 2010


I woke up this morning at quarter to seven. I hate that when I wake up in the morning I can't generally go back to sleep.

I've been feeling really antsy the past few days, and I dunno why. I'm partiall giddy about being off of school, I know, but I am just jumpy.

So I made cookies! I had to go out and get ingredients first but these are without question the most successful sugar cookies in the history of me baking things.

Robo-Kitty had a vet appointment as well. The vet's office has been calling me like every week for like a month to make me bring him in for his booster. I had to carry the bugger there in a crate because I don't have a cat carrier to put him in and the bus won't take him if he's not in a carrier. It's about a 25 minute walk each way and he's a heavy sucker. 9.5 pounds doesn't sound like a lot, but when it keeps shifting around and is not easily graspable... 
I got him there and the vet checked him out. Everything looked fine. Then the vet took a look at his file and was like "Yeah, he really doesn't need to be vaccinated again. He's fine. You can take him home now." I was pretty happy about that at the moment, because it meant I didn't have to give them money, but after carrying kitty all the way back home and realizing that my arms are officially dead forevers, I got a little upset. Stupid vet office frikken calling me like a dozen times and making me walk out there for NOTHING (except dietary advice)

At least I have a large supply of sugar cookies! And Pierre Berton: my favourite pot-head cat-crazy-Canadian historian! Reading about the causes, circumstances, and ramifications of the Great Depression should cheer me right up!

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