Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Wanting Comes in Waves

Mother I can hear your foot fall, now
Soft disturbance in the dead fall, how
It proceeds you like a black smoke pall
Still the wanting comes in waves

And you delivered me from danger, then

Tore my cradle from the reedy glen
Swore save me from the world of men
Still the wanting comes in waves
And I want this night!

How I made you, I wrought you, I pulled you

From moor I labored you, from cancer I cradled you
and now
This is how I am repaid?

Remember when I found you, the miseries had hounded you

And I gave you motion, anointed with lotions
and now
This is how I am repaid?

Mother, hear this proposition, right

Grant me freedom to enjoy this night.
I'll return to you at break of light
For the wanting comes in waves!

And you owe me life!

And if I grant you this favor, to hand you

Your life for the evening, I will retake by morning
And so!
Consider it your debt repaid!

- The Decemberists (slightly revised for coherence

What I love most about this song is the way the musical aspects are so complimentary of the sentiments presented in the lyrics. Magnificent work,

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