Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've just spent a few minutes filling out course evaluations online.
I hate doing these things, and I don't think they read them, so I just entertained myself with anonymous glee.
They always have a "Comments" section, where you're supposed to tell them how to improve the course. I just wrote them some nice unrelated comments. It is very freeing to tell things to a stranger.

Pie is pretty nice.

I was a Grade 4 on the crazy scale today. I rate my crazy like rapids. The rating is based on water (panic) levels, navigability (is there a way out of the issue), and the number of murderous rocks in the vicinity (people to hurt or be hurt).

Systems and protocols are so calming. I love the idea of change, because I am easily bored, but I fear things that are new, unfamiliar, or challenging. The only way I can view change without fearing it is if I idealise the new situation like mad.
Example: Moving to Africa. I will get to live in a tree and walk in the forest for a job. People I like will be accessible, but not so close that I can't be alone a lot. I will have enough responsibility to keep me busy and interested, but not so much that I crack under the pressure. I will get to see amazing natural phenomena. I will help people with my skills in some way, and I will be happy.

If I'm going to get anywhere I need to get a grip on this panicky-ness.

Ooh, also: had a fun dream last night that I was part of the film crew for a reality TV show that was about finding the best boater in Canada and I got attacked by lake sharks and the Greater Bruce Alligator while I was in Lake Erie. The cinematography of the dream was sensational. I may need to slow down on the nature docs.

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