Friday, November 26, 2010

I suddenly feel that my brain is back from some sort of long holiday. It probably went to Europe for the past few months and just neglected to mention it to me.

Maybe this is because I actually used it today. I didn't feel like I was screaming through a snowstorm any time I wanted information from it.

Sorry if it bothers you when I talk about my brain like it's a different person. It's jsut the best way I have of communicating the sense of disconnection between my knowledge database/central processor and my perceptual/sensational state of being.

I almost felt like I was just one person today. It was nice. It's more difficult to lie to myself when there's only one of me.

Weekend promises to be a happy time! My mother got 3 pounds of bacon for my 'birthday' dinner tomorrow, along with pie. I cannot help but be a happy camper, even if I am also a fairly edgy camper from only having 1 cigarette all week. "Where is the urge to bite me fingernails right off me hand comin from?"

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