Monday, November 1, 2010

Kyle and I stared dance classes today! So fun! And the instructor is a sexy sexy African. He is my one true love. A match made in heaven.

We're learning a six-count West Coast Swing. I really suck at it, and I constantly try to lead. Kyle feels manly when I let him though, so I will do my best to follow. It's good fun and decent exercise. I just like being out and with people other than myself and Robo-Kitty.

When I got home roomie was sprawled on the bathroom floor in a state of misery. Poor kid is sick again :(
There are some things that even bacon cannot fix.

This week is gonna be kind of relaxing. All I have to do is go to class and tutor childrens and try not to make many poor decisions. Do-able? Let's hope so.

And practice my dance moves! yeyea!

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