Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This week, a diamond was sold at auction for 46 million USD.
And I thought I was bad for spending ludicrous sums of money on sparklies.

Really it's a bit sad. How much money did the miner get from that stone? How about the person that cut, polished, and mounted it.

Is this rock going to end poverty or AIDS or any sort of conflict? I feel like for that much money it should do more than just look pretty. It should generate rainbows that cure epilepsy.

Anyhoodles. Noodles. I have to go to my therapist again this week and either lie and said I've kept track of my emotions from day to day like she asked, or tell her I didn't and have to explain why.
I hate having to explain myself in any context. Most of the time my decisions are based on weird whims or months of obsessive reasoning. Really a better thing to ask is whether I have a reason for my actions, not what my reason is.

Fun article on ants that farm aphids.
Science is good.

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