Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sometimes I am appalled at what I think of when left to my own for too long. Allow me to give you a cross-section of my morning thoughts:

''Man, I've got totally no money. And I just bought a latte. I could have used that money for tuition. I wonder how much money I spend on useless stuff every week. I buy about 3 non-necessary food items a week at expensive places, so I spend about $5 each time. Round up by 20%. That's $6 times 3 is $18 per week. That's ridiculous! I could be paying for car insurance with that money! But it's not like I would stop it if I had a car, hah. I would just be more poor. I should quit tutoring. Not financially sensible, really. I wish I could get a job that is just sitting around doing what I normally do. I want to get paid to be alive. Or doing something exciting. Wonder if I can scam my way into a lab job here. That would be annoying too though. I should just sell stuff I find kicking around the university. I spy with my little eye 4 unguarded laptops. Wait, that's stealing. I want to be a pickpocket. It's probably a super difficult skill to cultivate. No one expects it here though. I leave my iPod in my coat pocket. It's probably most difficult to get rid of the stuff. I could just wipe it and sell it on Kijiji. They wouldn't go for over $100, but it would be nice to have the extra cash. How would that work with my tax return? Hold up, that's stealing. Bad. But it would be so easy! Shhhhhhh."

I do need a new job though. I'm working on revising my resumé and hopefully I'll start handing them out next week so I can work through Christmas. Not exactly sure how I'm gonna break this news to my boss or my students. I might keep the one on just because I like him and we are making good progress.

Can money be made writing for a newspaper? Opinion articles could be a really easy thing to get into. dunno dunno.

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