Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Work Week

I've had a kinda poopy work week so far.

Our foreperson is off for like 3 months to get surgery for something or other, so we have a replacement foreperson. She is very good at her job, but she is becoming so frustrating to work with.
Example 1: I am getting a line set up to run a different type of food than we had been working on, and I start to program in the information on the set up panel, and she comes over and asks me what I'm doing. She has a very aggressive tone of voice and facial expression, so I naturally am terrified and tell her what I'm doing. She glares at me and said that she had already done that and that I need to get going on other stuff and we're behind and such. I scamper away wishing that I had been informed of what she had already done.

Example 2: We were having a really crap run on one line, and we had to keep stopping to fold boxes and clean stuff up. While we were stopped she came over and started hassling/helping us, trying to get us running again. We ran out of these papers that I didn't know how to make more of. When I asked her where to print them off she grabbed the paper from me, told me to step it up a notch, and went and didn't herself. I still don't know how to print those stupid papers, not to mention I'm thoroughly stressed out by the fact that I suck at my job.

Example 3: There is this guy on our shift who just generally sucks at his job. He is older and can't seem to remember how to do things. He's been there about 3 months longer than I have, so he has better pay, benefits, and choice of vacation days. He was stacking the pet food bags on a skid, and doing a really crap job of it. I was just standing sealing all the bags, so I couldn't see him or anything he was doing. Our foreperson came over and (once again, really aggressively) asked me why he was doing it that way. Ignoring my urge to ask her how the heck I was supposed to know, I pointed out that I had already told him the correct way to do it. She looked exasperated and left without any acknowledgement of my explanation. I asked the other guy who was supposed to be in charge of our line if she had talked to him, and he said she hadn't. He's also been there longer than I have. Now, even though I suck at my job and I'm slow and I'm dumb, I'm supposed to be responsible for the guy who screws up stuff when I'm not looking.

There are more things that really are frustrating about her. Pretty much whenever she is around I get really stressed out because if I don't do things exactly the way she expects them, she will charge over and ask what I'm doing. She will do stuff that needs to be done, which I appreciate, but she won't tell anyone they're done so we re-do them and once again, what are we doing?

She really needs better people skills.
And I need to really focus on not getting angry about it. I don't have the right to challenge her authority, because she has earned it.

In other (good!) news, I walked to work last night! I went in early so it wasn't scary and dark and were-wolf-y. I felt very healthful.

I talk about myself too much eh?

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  1. Lol, feeling healthful is good.
    And she most likely picks on you because you are a girl, just sayin'
    If I were you I'd probably have punched her in some way by now...
    Oh, and you're not bad at your job or slow or dumb, she's just unrealistic and a bitch.