Friday, March 26, 2010


Is good. I get to go talk about myself for an hour :)

I'm so excited for life right now. I'm leaving a lot of things I don't like and starting a lot of things I think I will like and I know I've said this before but I'm so happy about it. I don't remember a time when I've viewed a change this big with so little apprehension.
Maybe I just feel good because of the sunshine.
But good feeling is good feeling, and I will take what I can in that respect.

Also this weekend promises to be half decent. A friend issue almost made me angry. Actually, it did make me angry so I had to take a time out, tell myself to get a grip, and now I'm not mad. It's kind of nice to let some things slide in favour of enjoying the present and the company of good friends.

I'm actually sitting in a Williams right now (the one on the corner of University and King) and there are the most hilarious guys sitting at the table next to me. The one guy came in first and was kinda sitting awkwardly waiting. Then his friend came in and they had a discussion about him being so commonly late. He also forgot his wallet, so the friend who had to wait also has to pay. Heh. Now I am listening to them talk about their friends. It's PEOPLE LISTENING!!! They are going to Value Village tomorrow at 11... ooooh I want to staaaaalk!!!! I am so creepy! heheha! Unfortunately I am busy.

Nerd points for linking back to my own blog... I'm sorry. I just couldn't find the original source.

Today in therapy we discussed a little bit more of the difference between thinking and feeling. It came to my attention that sometimes I get those things confused, and a lot of things that I believe I am thinking I am actually feeling.

Example: I think there is justice in the universe. People who do bad things will get punished and people who do good things will get rewarded. Most people believe this actually. In our experience of life, however, there is little to no proof of that being a valid view. So really I "think" that life is unfair, but I "feel" that there is justice.
Ain't this a conundrum?

Can you tell I've had a bit of extra caffeine?

Also, linking back to my own post forced me to read a bit of blog backlog (fun to say!). I have the maddest mood swings don't I? I should go through and look for patterns...
I've recently become fascinated with the scientific method. I know, I know, you want me to go nerd on someone else. But tis so coool!! It's the most logical way to approach anything!

See something weird
Think about it for a while
Guess at why it is how it is
Test your theory
Think about your results for a while
If your theory is wrong, try a new one
If your theory is right, find something else weird to experiment on!!

Is it not lovely, lucid, and logical? I firmly believe that the reason I am good at my job (side story: my foreperson told me in front of my entire shift that I had the best efficiency of the 25 or so people I work with! It made my day!!) is that I employ this method whenever I find a problem. I am not mechanically minded, but I did alright I think. I am not a bit annoyed to be leaving a job where I actually did well and made decent money.

The Dooly's pool hall across the way is advertising a "ladie's" night. Ooh, my grammatical soul!

Time to go fetch a friend! Hurrah!

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  1. calvin and i were at that williams on tuesday!!!and most likely sat in the same spot!!!and the same sign annoyed me!!! fun times...

    I approve of your use of the scientific method. I would use it more often except i prefer the Tory method:

    - See something weird.
    - Ponder it from afar
    - If possible, pick it up and look at it
    - Shake it
    - Loudly question it's use/potential
    - Think hard about it for a while then,
    - A) figure it out and be incredibly satisfied with myself
    or B) Be incredibly frustrated and question everything i know!

    I'm glad therapy is good! and the sun does wonders for everything! know what else does wonders? Playing with kittens!!!