Thursday, March 4, 2010

I feel a bit bad about the whiney

I should point out all the awesome I've had this week.
2: I have delightful friends. They make me laugh out loud when they communicate with me electronically, which gets me weird looks from strangers. Which makes me happy.
3: The weather has been nothing short of spectacular. Could it be spring? I certainly am hoping.
4: I've been sleeping. A full 6 hours a day! Well maybe not today, it's been kinda shot. If I don't get my quizzics I will be vastly upset. and sleepy.
5: I had a decent night at work last night. Things didn't go well but I was working with good people. That's all that counts.
6: There is a kinda cute guy sitting next to me. If I weren't socially retarded I might attempt conversation. That, however is wishful thinking. I will just enjoy the conciousness that someone cool is nearby. *Enjoys*. He is reading a scientific article on his computer and listening to music and staring off into space.
7: "Little Lion Man" by Mumford and Sons is now officially popular, which is awesome, because that song makes me explode in happiness and sadness. I don't know if this whole rant will make sense to you, but here we go. I don't feel like my mind stops at the edge of my body. Beyond the physical anchoring point, it can stretch almost anywhere in the universe. I love it when music can express that feeling of reaching out. I love it when a song can mimic the spacious sensation I have of being alive. Being a part of everything. Maybe that is unclear, but if you listen to the song maybe you will grasp what I mean.
8: Peppermint tea is probably the most relaxing drink of ever.
9: I love creeping people. By that I mean I like finding stuff out about people and getting to know them and understand them. It is part of my obsession with knowing everything. I creeped a few people this week. I will not say whooooom, but I have learned interesting things.
10: Bee sex. 'Nuff said.

*Edited to add* Cute stranger boy eats the same type of granola bars as I do! It's meant to be!

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  1. *snicker* bee sex. i can appreciate the enjoying the aura of cute strangers. it's sometimes more fun than talking to them