Monday, March 15, 2010

Summer time

It's so soon! I can feel it in the sunshine and the air is full of green.

I'm going to be in Guelph starting in May. I've got a once-a-week volunteer position at the Vet College and 3 courses to keep up with. I've got an awesome roomie to jam with :). I need to find a job.
Jemma is going to her new home at the start of April.

I feel like this spring is the start of a new version of life.

No more warm, lazy evenings wandering up and down the empty streets of my home town.
No more spontaneous road trips with my dear boys.
No more horrible factory job.
No more rides in the empty forest with Jemma.
No more arguing with my mother about vehicle use and bedroom cleanliness.
No more sitting in the shade chatting with Lynn and Doug after hours of throwing hay bales.
No more barefoot midnight walks through the countryside.
No more hiding from my family in my bedroom.
No more hanging out with just siblings.
No more relaxing in my house alone happily watching the shadows roam around the floor
No more, no more.

I'm not scared to leave home this time. It feels like I'm ready now. Do you remember me moving to Guelph for 1st year? Freak outs and whatnot, eh? Apart from a sense of sorrow for the times that can no longer be had, I am at peace about it.

This sunny day has become a memento mori.

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  1. Hey becs! I'm proud of you! You've really grown up since last year! Way to go, and I can't wait to jam with you all the time this summer!