Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day of Strange

I got out of work this morning, and I started my car. And my cell phone rang. 730 in the morning is a singular time to receive a phone call. But it said Tory on the call display, so I picked it up.

She invited me to Tim Hortons to hang out with her and her friend.

We hung out till about noon, and I had a jolly time! I did not socially sabotage myself! I don't think...

I got home and slept till 5ish, then got up and ran some errands.
Around 7 I got a phone call from my brother, asking to be picked up just outside of Wallenstein. I found him and his friend walking along the side of the road. Brother was wearing a life jacket and was a little bit drunk. They had apparently been canoeing. I had to drive them out to Glen Allen where they had left their vehicle. Silly boys.

I was working on my physics homework and singing along to the Decemberists when the doorbell rang. I don't usually get visitors at 9pm. It was a Calvin. We had a nice tea and chatted about existence, prayer, entitlement, universal justice, and the future. All the usual things kids talk about.

And now I am trying to decide whether having a nap will make me more or less tired before work. Hmm Hmm Hmm.

"There are power lines in our blood lines"

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