Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well frik!

You remember the real batman, I'm sure. The one who actually looks like he's part bat. The one that I'm paranoid about.

When I woke up like 20 mins ago I found two parallel cuts on my wrist, about 0.4cm apart and 0.3cm long. Like suspicious little tooth marks....

I'm not actually that paranoid. I assume I just didn't notice at work that I scraped myself on something or poked myself with my knife. I've been getting clumsier with it lately.
That's still a bit creepy eh :D

Do you ever have a day where you know that no matter how much you get done you won't finish everything you had to do? That's today for me, and it's not entirely my fault. This whole week is a bit frantic.
I find that I accomplish less in these scenarios because I'm like "Well, if I'm gonna be behind I may as well truly screw myself over". You know, typical logical response :P

So now I must scamper off and try to accomplish things. Bleh.

1 comment:

  1. LOL.
    If you turn into a vampire...Kick Edward Cullen's pansy ass?
    Also, have you considered it might be a spider bite?
    I hope you got things accomplished; your day sounds like my shift at work. :P