Monday, November 30, 2009

Work Thinks

I tend to have good thoughts at work now.
Not particularly happy, but worthwhile types of though.
Unfortunately when I get home I go directly to bed and forget everything. I have the memory span of a goldfish :)

Today, however, something stayed with me as I slept. No, it was not shirtless Jacob.

It was a character from the book I'm reading. Hard Times by Charles Dickens. I know I know, another book by dickens that will make me super angsty and miserable. Two characters, actually, have me very worried.
Louisa and Tom. They are brother and sister, and their father is known in the book as "the eminently practical". I know from another source that Louisa will be forced to marry a horrible man, and that she eventually turns into the same type of person as him, and Tom will always be miserable.

I dunno if it's good for me to be upset about these characters. My reasoning is that they are caricatures of real life. I've explained all that before.

Baaaah book angst. Knowing that it's entirely based on a fictional circumstance does not resolve the problem.

Screw you, Dickens

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