Saturday, November 7, 2009

the ROM

As in the Royal Ontario Museum.

I went with a bus load of people from my parents' church to see the Dead Sea Scrolls and I had a lot of fun! Allow me to outline the day

I got home from work around 745 and showered and so forth and we got to the church (from whence we were leaving) at like 9. The bus ride there was unpleasant because we were sittling 3 to a seat and i was like falling into the aisle.

We got to the museum and everyone was supposed to go on a guided tour through the scrolls but my little sister and I got bored and took off. We went through the exhibit ourselves and then got delicious soup and hot chocolate in the café.

Then we went and saw the China/Japan/Korea exhibit and the biodiversity one and the gems/minerals one and the Rennaissence/European history one and the dinosaurs.

We met up with our Asian friend and went through the China exhibit again. It was a little more funny the second time.

We then located the best exhibit in the place! It was this big monument carved all over with the names of museum sponsors and it looked like a chunk of stone but when you touched it it would light up where you touched. We played with it for half an hour and almost missed our bus.

On the bus ride home, the weirdest thing happened. I was talking to people, which is weird in itself, but something even stranger happened. I was, for about an hour, popular. Everyone was listening to what I said and laughing at my jokes and wanting to talk to me. I know this is probably a weird thing to point out, but it is highly peculiar. I'm not a centre of attention person, really. I was able to sort of get past my shyness and talk to people and it worked out nicely. This is encouraging and worrying. I'm encouraged to do it more because it seemed like I wasn't a social retard. It's worrying because I don't want to be the type of person who likes to be the pinnacle of every situation and blathers away over top of everyone because she is the "most important". Frik, though, it's awesome when people listen to you. It's better than caffeine.

Maybe that's why people have always loved to be popular. The world makes more sense now.


  1. im glad that someone else appreciates museums. also it makes me happy that you found a glowing wall. have i ever told you the story of my ROM adventure? quite a story and now i have "Popular" stuck in my head...

  2. social retard? hahaha. that made me laugh out loud.
    aren't the scrolls ballin? its like all this hype with all their history and all that that you go through first and then you finally see them... and at first they look like insignificant scraps of paper but then it kinda sinks in that they're probably older than you can probably trace back your familys existence.

    i had a terrifying experience last time i was there. you know how i fate feminism and anything to do with it, and as a result im not a fan of anything victorian era-ish.. whatever, they're oddly connected in my mind. anyways, i was trying to find the greek exhibit (more my alley) and i someone got stuck in the victorian era which is all a bunch of room settings you look at through windows are there's a million hallways and twists and turns. well i got lost and it was like a horror film for me because i couldn't get out.
    that's my story. i also enjoyed yours. props to being popular hahaa.

  3. and someHOW not someone... good lord why dont i proofread before i click the submit button..

  4. yay! becca, this is good.
    we are making improvement :)
    next thing you know, you'll be hosting cocktail parties ;)
    actually, you know that wouldn't be a bad idea, you meet a lot of new ppl that way, and if you are the hostess, people automatically want to know about you, so you can be the centre of attention without being cocky ;)
    wait til christmas! I'll introduce you to ppl who will be bound to want to listen to what you have to say :)