Sunday, November 1, 2009


I had fun!
Especially when everyone finally got there, and in spite of a particular someone's presence.

I'm pretty sure I've hurt someone badly, and they might never trust me again. I feel bad about this, but I've already explained why it is the way it is. I hope this person understands that although I didn't behave ideally, everything is still fine. I wouldn't change the decisions I made if I could. I helped, if you can believe that.

Sorry to everyone else for directing this post mostly to someone specifically. It's not regular blog protocol, but it was necessary.

I get to hang out with camp ppl yaaaaaay!
And I have lots of candaaaaaaaay!


  1. I think, regarding this person, the two of you need to have a chat about this issue, and not a hasty one either.

  2. everyting is NOT fine