Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sick day

Or night. Whatever.

I went to sleep around 1130 last night, thinking it would be a quick one because I had slept in the day and had a nap.

While worming my way from dreaming into conciousness I realized that someone was up. I heard my parents talking, which made no sense. I wriggled around in my brain a bit more trying to make it fall into place. I felt around my headboard for my cellphone but I couldn't find it. I opened up my laptop and peeked at the time. 6:16. PM? No, that clock is in 24hr time. Crap, I slept all night.

And had a weird dream, no less. Something about if I could talk for 7 minutes straight I would be entered for a trip for myself and 2 friends to Lebanon. I kept trying to find stuff to talk about and just sucking at it.

Anyway, I'm glad I stayed home from work. When I woke up my tummy still hurt and I'm still a bit tired.

However, before my family got up and noisy, I was able to memorize the first declension of latin nouns and the first conjugation of verbs. I'm pretty durn proud of myself.

Agricola laborat. The farmer works. Oh yes he does.

I still need to listen to a track of that Greek cd, but that's only like 5 mins.

I feel like I'm finally accomplishing something worthwhile. This is the stuff I want to learn, and I'm actually able to motivate myself to learn it. If language skills were bombs, I could rule the world. Thats how I feel right now, anyway.

I hope you all have beautiful days full of hope and wonder.

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  1. are you being Charlie the Unicornesque with the hope and wonder?
    And yay for greek and latin!