Thursday, November 26, 2009

Alright, my dears. I am 19 as of yesterday. I thought about it a lot. I even kind of had a psychotic episode at work because of it, but now I am ok.

I made a resolution though, while talking to Lynn and Doug at the barn:

I will never stop celebrating my brithday.
I will always take time to be happy that I'm alive
I will buy myself a chocolate bar or something, and be thankful that I can taste it.
I will do something nice for someone, so that they are also happy that I'm alive.

What is life if we won't live it and love it?
It is stupid, that's what.

I am not a collection of atoms bundled in to cells, tissues, organs, and systems.
I am a living, breathing, loving, knowing being.

I intend to continue as such.
I am what and who I am.
I will definitely continue to change and grow, but I will not stop living until I die.

And I love you all, my dears. Happy my Birthday!

It's a little late, yeah.


  1. And the Dears love you back. Happy Belated Birthday.
    I'm glad you posted this ^_^

  2. Your resolution reeks of awesomeness. Glad to be reading this.

    It's kind of a bummer that so many people don't realize these things until much later in life. Kudos.