Thursday, September 23, 2010

listening to music in public

I really enjoy it, now that I have iPod

Makes for some awkwardness.
How do people repress dancing impulses? Bob Sinclair crops up on the shuffle and I need to dance NOW! Of course the only moves are the mashed potato and the mime (compliments of the wee sister) but I like to move it move it anyway.

I miss listening to musics in the van while driving places. I like to sing along at the top of my lungs. Even if I can't melodize I am happy.

I'm really avoiding thinking about the wedding this weekend. Why would he...? Not gonna even try to sort that out. The fortunate thing is that She likes me and trusts me, so I will be permitted and encouraged to visit when they are off and away. Dishonesty has its perks. I do love my brother, so if that means being polite to Her then so be it.

Mmmmm, the Temptations. I haven't gone puddle jumping in a while. I'm always burdened with electronics when I'm outdoors, so I get annoyed at rain. This pattern is unhealthy. Less electronics! After this weekend, because I will need them to distract me from the fact that I'm stuck in a wee hotel room with my fambly.

Funny thing: enjoy individual family members with only 2 exceptions. 71.4% of my family is enjoyable. But the crowd of them all together destroys me. It may be just human overload. Either way, I am not going to be home for Christmas this year. My mother may rant, and my father may guilt, and my sister may whine, but I will not do it. If I need to tell them I'm going to Africa and then actually just stay in Guelph then so be it.

Linkin Park will always be one of my guilty pleasures. And Greenday. Reminds me of my childhood, when I didn't have such severe repression issues.
"Just blue like him, inside and outside"

Need to kick parents out of Elmira house for a while this winter and have mad dance party with wee sister.

Oh and I'm gonna be having dancing lessons with my Pauvre starting in November! Mad fun stuff!!

I bought nice shoes for wedding this week. I haves no money left. I do have my brother's credit card that has a 12000$ limit...
There are a few people in the world that I cannot screw over. As attractive as it is to know their PINs and passwords and banking info, I can't do it. The guilt would actually kill me. Ben is one of those. My father is another. If my mother gave me her credit card I would buy myself food and books for school. The problem with my father is that he is attached to my mother.

I need to go back to therapy and get this mother crap off my mind. It's becoming unhealthy, how much anger is generated by her. Also I like my therapist.
Maybe I just need to go visit Lynn and Doug at the barn. And hug a kitty and a horse and be done with it.

Bubble wrap. I want bubble wrap.

"Won't you take me to a funky town?" Yes Pseudo Echo, I will. Anything for you, my groovy early 90's friends!

Lab time! I get to stick probes into inappropriate animal orifaces. Prepared to be violated, fishie me love!

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