Thursday, September 9, 2010

First day, First class

Developmental Biology.
"This course deals with the development of animals. It considers how a single fertilized egg gives rise to hundreds of different cell types, how these differentiated cells are organized into tissues and organs, how the growth of cells is regulated, and how an adult transmits the instructions for making an organism from one generation to the next."

Sounds like a frekken ball. I am grumpy from having less sleep than I wanted. I feel like a six year old that is being told to do something it doesn't like. Don't WANNA!

I am glad I got here early. Looks like it's gonna be a super full class. Imay even need to sit next to people :P

Professor has an impressive beard. I should ask him where he got it.

Imma pay attention now...

So I actually ended up not paying attention. It's ok though. He just went through the course outline and told us what we would be learning in each lecture. So I half paid attention and giggled every time he said 'gonads' and listened to Pink Floyd.

I can't decide which album I like most of theirs. I think it's either Wish You Were Here or Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Like them in completely ifferent ways, of course, but they are both terrific.
Goal of the week: listen to all the Pink Floyd on my iPod. aka: entire discography. Hurrah! If I speak with a dorky accent for the rest of my life you can blame this.

So I'm actually kinda glad to be back in Guelph. I get to see my Robo-Kitty and cook supper without the interference of childrens. My Elmira house/family is so screwy right now that it's difficult to be there. I want my own vehicle so that I can visit my assorted associates in Waterloo region without needing to see my family.

Now then, I'm going to go to class, focus on school and the things that make me happy. Enough of this middle class whiney-ness.

Things that make me happy (A Revised list)

Specific humans (if I talk to you, you are likely included in that term)
Classic rock
Alone time
Foods that are not vegetables
Apple electronics (Do not whine at me. I will hurt you. They are pretty and I can accomplish anything I wish to efficiently)
Graph paper + sharpie pens
Jack Johnson

I think that's a decent list for now. If I ever get annoyingly depressed, refer me back to this list and tell me to grow up.

Off to Aquatics class! Less like aquafit, more like fishes.

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  1. i hacked in through google. i assume you know this is me. yay assorted associates! I love Pink Floyd. I need more of their music once my laptop is up and running again. poor baby. I think you should print off that list and put it somewhere you will see it every day. Robokitty's face should work. mmm fishes. I am going to come over and make you fish and chips. Mushy peas optional.