Wednesday, May 19, 2010

YAY sunshine!

I'm loving the weather! I've been making up excuses to walk. Yesterday I walked to the down town instead of taking the bus. Today I invented an excuse to go down town (I needed more scotch).

Walking outside makes life make sense. Or rather it makes the nonsense of it irrelevant. There is a possibility that it is pointless, but at least it's pretty. At least it feels nice to have the sun on your face and the wind at your back. The sun and wind evaporate all the puddles of existentialism in my brain, and I can't help but enjoy the sensations and live in that sunny, breezy moment.

I've been doing mostly nothing over the past few days. I know, homework should be a priority. I just am lacking in motivation right now. I might go to class on friday. Depends what time I wake up.

Now for an evening of Age of Empires, the Beatles, and possibly a wee taste of my new bottle of scotch. I should practice piano and guitar at some point as well...

OH! and I made the most spectacular rice dish ever for lunch!
1 egg, pre-scrambled
1.5 cups cooked rice (I had leftovers in my fridge)
Handful of frozen peas
1.5 tsp each of cardamom and basil
0.5 tsp each of paprika and nutmeg
Fry up all together in a tablespoon of oil. Serves 1.5 people, or 1 Becca :D

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