Thursday, May 13, 2010


That is what I've been trying to get my tummy and mind to do. I haven't had a whole lot of reason to be stressed this week. It was generally fun, and I didn't have too many commitments.

In the back of my mind the pressure is rising because of the $ situation, and the Jemma situation, and the lack of steady work situation.
Also my sleep last night was interrupted by some tipsy girls in my haus, and when I left this morning the place smelled really gross. It is ok though, they had a fun night :)

I need to be able to get this tension and enxiety out of my system. I tried taking a music nap yesterday and I ended up getting annoyed with Jack Johnson and had an attack of the shakes.

Today has been fun though! I got to watch a liver lobectomy (cut out a chunk of the liver), a lung lobectomy (guess what that is...) and an exploratory surgery. Fun stuff! I am also not socially failing yet at the college. I just put on my best "for adults" attitude (smiley, direct, knowledgeable, uncertain) and greet everyone by name.

I also got hold of all my course materials for the semester and cracked open my history textbook. It is some fun stuff! It goes much more into the social and lifestyle aspect of history than my book on the Kings and Queens of Britain. I have come to the conclusion that I want to take an in-depth study of the prehistory of the British Isles, dealing with the Picts and the Celts and the so-ons. Queen Boadicea is one of my heroines.

I have another tutoring session today, and I'm looking forward to it. The kid is not dumb, which makes it much easier to figure him out. Othello is also comfortingly straight-forward. I also get to give tips on writing, and hopefully inspire a love of English in someone. It makes me feel (see that? i can has feelings!) like all those years I spent dependant on books for socialization were good.

Books. I love you all, even when you make me cry. You're proof that there is good in the world and bad in the world. You are the crystallization and pinnacle of communication, which in turn is the crystallization and distillation of thought.

Spectacular, is it not?

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